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How to send Mail – The Complete Guide


How to send Mail? This Guide will show you how to send an email by utilizing Gmail. You can utilize the Gmail site to send email from a PC

How to send Mail – Step 1

Open Gmail. Go to https://www.gmail.com/in your PC’s internet browser. This will open your Gmail inbox assuming you’re signed in.

In the event that you’re not signed in to your Gmail account, enter your email address and secret phrase when provoked.

How to send Mail – Step 2

Click + Compose. It’s on the upper-left half of your Gmail inbox. Doing so opens the “Another Message” window in the lower-right corner of the page.

On the off chance that you’re utilizing the old form of Gmail, you’ll click COMPOSE here all things considered.

How to send Mail – Step 3

Enter the other individual’s email address. Click the “To” or “Beneficiaries” message box at the highest point of the New Message window, then type in the email address of the individual to whom you need to send your email.

To add numerous email addresses, type in the main email address, press Tab ↹, and rehash with the other email addresses.

On the off chance that you need to CC or BCC somebody on the email, click either the Cc connection or the Bcc interface on the extreme right half of the “To” text field, then type the email address you need to CC or BCC into the “Cc” or “Bcc” text field, separately.

How to send Mail – Step 4

Add a subject. Click the “Subject” text field, then, at that point, type in anything you desire the subject of the email to be.

Regularly talking, an email subject portrays the essence of the email’s message in a couple of words.

How to send Mail – Step 5

Enter your email message. In the huge message box beneath the “Subject” message box, type in anything you desire for your email message.

How to send Mail – Step 6

Design your email’s text if necessary. If you have any desire to apply designing to your text (e.g., bolding, italics, or list items), feature the text to which you need to apply the arranging, then, at that point, click one of the arranging choices at the lower part of the email window.

For instance, to strong a segment of the text, you would feature the text and afterwards click B at the lower part of the email.

How to send Mail – Step 7

Connect a document on the off chance that you like. To add a record from your PC, click the “Connections” Image named Android7paperclip.png symbol at the lower part of the window, then select the file(s) you need to transfer and snap Open (or Choose on a Mac).

You can add photographs along these lines, or you can transfer photographs straightforwardly to the email’s body by tapping the “Photographs” symbol Image named Android7image.png at the lower part of the window, clicking Upload, clicking Choose photographs to transfer, and choosing photographs on a case by case basis.

How to send Mail – Step 8

Click Send. It’s a blue button in the base left corner of the email window. Doing so will send your email to the predetermined email address(es).

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