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myassignmenthelp review
myassignmenthelp review

The network that connects one man to the other and showers every individual with information lays bare the threats induced by cybercriminals.

Cyberspace is under constant threat that should be addressed and diminished at all costs. This threat must be administered by hawk-eyed, technically sound threat monitoring analysts whose intelligence must be put to work to remove cybercriminals.

Cyber threat, cyber-crime…… these technical terms sound interesting. But, do these terms also trigger you to learn more about those who commit malicious activities on digital systems? If yes, you need professionals to make you job-ready to enter and secure your place as a cyber-crime detector. Let’s read the MyAssignmenthelp.com review and take that responsibility!

 About the course

MyAssignmenthelp.com has launched the in-demand computer network security online course that teaches learners about OSI framework, TCP/IP, LAN, and routing fundamentals.

You will gain a profound understanding of how loose networking negatively impacts the organizational security systems and put their security to threat.

Additionally, you will learn about the network components that guard a company against cyber-attacks.

The course will also walk you through the tools required to research database vulnerabilities for databases like Oracle, Couch, SQL injection, and Mongo.

If network security is breached, it is the responsibility of cyber-crime detection specialists to track down the threat-inducing heads and penalize them.

And if your sense of duty drives you towards protecting cyber information, please make your move by enrolling in MyAssignmenthelp.com’s invaluable computer network security course today!

What will you learn from this course?

  • Detailed videos that teach practical network attacks in simple words
  • Learn how to intercept data and spy on all the network
  • Learn how to launch Man in the middle attacks
  • Keep close checks on the connection of clients around you without knowing the password.
  • Collect valuable data about networks and clients like their opened ports, operating systems…..etc.
  • Sniff network packets from clientele are evaluated to extract vital data such as cookies, videos, passwords, images, URLs, etc.
  • Crack WPA2, WEP, and WPA using practical methods
  • Detect ARP poisoning and learn ARP safeguarding techniques
  • Hack any computer on the same network for better
  • Combine individual attacks to launch more powerful attacks for better
  • You get the opportunity to use twenty tools that aid pen-testing

 Skills you will gain from this course

  • Database vulnerabilities
  • SQL injection
  • Fundamentals of networking
  • Network security
  • Cybersecurity


  • Fundamental Information Technology skills
  • Computer with a 4GB memory
  • No programming background required
  • For cracking the Wi-Fi- a monitor mode supporting Wireless adapter
  • Operating system: Linux/Windows/OSX

 Who is this course for?

  • Anybody interested in learning about network pen-testing techniques
  • Anybody who wants to learn network protection techniques from hackers

 Benefits of enrolling in computer network security online course

  • You will learn a shareable certificate on completing the computer network security online course and projects at hand. Once you gain the certificate, you will be able to share the certificate with future employers.
  • The online course lets you decide a feasible deadline for yourself. Therefore, you get the opportunity to learn at your pace and stop whenever you want to. Additionally, you can reset the deadline per your schedule.
  • This is a beginner to the advanced level course that teaches you the kit and caboodle of network security.

 Parting thoughts,

The Internet is already overflowing with courses that guarantee you a successful career as a security specialist.

But are they reliable? Also, how do you know whether a course is trustworthy or not? By going through the review section of the site offering the course.

Check the My assignment help review section to learn why their computer network security course is the most preferred online course.

With this course, you will get 24*7 support. So, what is stopping you from grabbing the course at the penny-pinching price?

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