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How to register IMEI number in PTA?


Recently, we all have received an SMS from code 8484. Don’t you? Well, this code is in use by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). Getting back to the topic: this message release to inform us that we all need to register our cellular devices before time. If not, our phones and other gadgets will get a block. Due to PTA, mobile registration laws have made it necessary for all Pakistani, have their phones registered with PTA. So, if you utilize legal cellular devices, you have to prove it by getting your IMEI number register by PTA. How to register IMEI number in PTA Don’t know how to do that? If yes, then read this post because we have explained everything you need to know!

Way #1: Sending IMEI number through SMS

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So, what are your thoughts now? Yeah! It is easy to get your cellular devices registered by PTA via your dial pad! For this, you will first need to know the status of your phone. So, open your dial pad and enter *#06# from the numbers on your dial pad of the mobile device. Now, click on the call button, and you will receive an SMS showing each 15-digit IMEI number. Now, you have to send each 15 figure IMEI number through SMS to code 8484. A review has proved that if you hold a dual or triple SIM device. There will be two or three IMEI numbers, respectively.

Way #2: Via the PTA website, register IMEI number in PTA

So, here is another fantastic option for internet users who can register their devices through PTA in just a few clicks. There are a few steps you have to follow. And you can get the job done in seconds. Firstly, visit their official site via your browser using any device. You will have many options, but you have to choose to get your IMEI register. Once you go with the flow, the site guidelines will teach you – what you have to do next. You will have to drop your 15 digits IMEI Number in the required field, and they will show you the results.

 Way #3: Through Mobile App 

Yet another safe and smooth way to register your cellular device through PTA is using their official application!

  • Firstly, you have to download your PTA app from the App Store or Google Play Store. 
  • Now, download it on any of your devices and open it up once installed. 
  • After accessing the app’s interface, you will need to follow a few easy instructions to drop your IMEI 15-digit Number.

Bear in mind: When you reach out to the field where you have to enter your IMEI number, PTA, for users‘ understanding, will explain the following steps.

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Mobile Users! You have to realize that an IMEI number is a freakish code given to your phone – related to a vehicle license number. If it gets a block, you can’t utilize your device and access any mobile network. Also, your phone won’t be able to receive or make any calls.


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