How to register a company in Pakistan

How to register a company in pakistan

Are you planning to open the company of your dreams in Pakistan? If your answer is a BIG YES, then first you have to register your company! The Government of Pakistan has established the process of business/company registration simple, and they are striving to make this method more comfortable for the public. You have to realize this process is under the eye of SECP (Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan). So, to disclose any company in Pakistan, you are required to visit the SECP office or SECP official website to perceive all essential details about the certification of a company. If you wish to know: how to register a company in Pakistan, you arrive at the correct place. In this short post, we promise to provide a detailed guide to you about the methods of registering a company in Pakistan.

First, know the types of legal companies in Pakistan

Before delving into the steps: how to register a company in Pakistan, first, you need to understand the types of legal companies within Pakistan.

#1: Private Limited Company

#2: Single Limited Company

#3: Public Limited Company       

Reservation of company name and Company Alliance

We have jotted down the complete process into three parts. Read it carefully so you won’t make any mistakes:

Reserve the Company Name to  register a company in Pakistan

First, you have to reverse a name for your company that no one holds before. Here are the essential steps to reserve incorporation of the company. 

  • Visit the SECP official website and sign in to their services section on the website.
  • Users are required to have a valid CNIC if they are already Pakistani nationals. But, if you are a foreigner, you may need to give your passport.
  • To have a quick registration service, you must tap on the > fast track registration services < (also known as FTRS).
  • Stuff the online form by filling in your details and proffer a user enrollment form by giving your specifications.
  • You will get safety codes via text messages or email that you require to rewrite in the form.
  • After safety verification, a PIN code will get generated.
  • You have to spend the cash online through your credit/debit card. Also, you can take a printout of the sheet to save it as a record and pay it via bank.

Documents required for company incorporation to  register a company in Pakistan

After that, you have to present some forms to get your company registered in Pakistan. Also, you will have to create a National Tax Number (NTN) on an urgent basis. You can appeal for a National Tax Number (NTN) at Pakistan’s Regional Tax Office (RTO) of the FBR. The below list will help you know which document you need to ought:

  • First, you will need to have CNIC Copies of every single member that will work for your company.
  • Secondly, you will need an NTN form.
  • Next is Registration Proof.
  • After that, the Memorandum and Articles of the association are essential.
  • Besides, the bank account number is also crucial.
  • Lastly, you will need copies of ID Cards of companies’ C.E.Os.


Once you have submitted all the documents, the SECP will assess them and determine all the document’s validity. Soon you will get a digital signature or company seal from the National Institutional Facilitation Center (NIFT).

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