How to gain muscle?

How to gain muscle

What type of figure do you want to carry? Broad chest, flat belly, strong arm muscles, and packs on the stomach. Who doesn’t like this figure? This body figure is usually seen on beaches, discos, and in the model walk. You can also gain body muscle through special training. Only lifting dumbbells is not enough. You have to follow a particular diet plan and fat percentage. So, you can achieve your muscle goal earlier. We are here to provide you with tips and knowledge to get perfect body muscles.

Exercises To Get Muscles

Put your muscle-building together so you can train your whole body. 

  • Squats
  • Bench press
  • Deadlift
  • Pull-ups
  • Rowing

When choosing the exercises for muscle building, don’t choose so many exercises for one part of the body. Repeat the number of activities according to the guide. It should be 20 and 50 repetitions at the start. Gain muscle Those who have muscles can do 100 repetitions of a body group exercise depending on the chosen method. For beginners, the machine exercises become more suitable according to the guide after the first injury. Advanced users choose free weights, such as with dumbbell training and cable pulls. Free weights mimic athletic movements and thus stimulate more muscle mass.

Build muscle fat-free 

It is entirely possible to build muscle lean-free, but it has to be said straight away:

Only with restrictions and not for everyone!

To shed some light on this, we have to go back further and talk about the point of this approach! A fat-free structure is possible if everything is perfectly coordinated. This means that both your training and your lifestyle (stress, etc.) must be balanced and timed correctly. Gain muscle The diet must be consumed in a highly targeted manner. You should cover your calorie requirement precisely. If you consume too few calories, you may fall into a deficit. A decent build-up is no longer possible here.

Calorie surplus

However, If you consume too many calories, you will find yourself in a calorie surplus, which leads to muscle build-up and build-up. Of course, the amount of protein consumed also has to be correct. This approach becomes all the more complex, the more you tend towards the hard gainer. As you can see, this method is very complicated, and we at the Sportnahrung-Engel team seriously ask ourselves whether you should do this stress to yourself. If everything is not 100% right here, then in the worst case, you will step on the spot and have no success at all, but you will have lost a lot of time. This cannot be the goal!

We from the Sportnahrung-Engel team would like to introduce you to a very gentle method in this article, which is a mixture of extreme mass phase and fat-free muscle building!

If we take a closer look at the two methods, we find that there are 2 opposite extremes:

  1. Bulky phase: people eat a lot here, and a massive accumulation of fat is accepted
  2. Fat-free structure: Here, the diet is tailored precisely. In the worst case, you are slightly wrong and therefore only step on the spot

In the following, we would like to introduce you to a simple, ingenious, and unique method to find out your calorie requirement regardless of your body type. The dream of a perfect and personal nutrition plan is now possible for everyone within a few weeks!

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