How to format sd card

How to format sd card

Do you like to reliably delete the data on your mobile phone or digital camera? Then you should format the appropriate SD card. COMPUTER BILD shows how it works.

The easiest way to format the SD card is in the device in which it is used – usually in the cell phone or digital camera. The corresponding function can generally be found in the “Extras” or “Advanced options” menu. You can format your SD card quickly and efficiently under “Format” or “Delete data.” If you cannot find the function immediately, refer to the manual or operating instructions for the device. Tip: If you remove the SD card and use it on another device, you should format it again on the new device. This will avoid error messages if the new device requires the card to be formatted in a certain way.

Formatting the SD card: this is how it works on the PC

Another option is to format the SD card with a PC. Many computers have a slot for SD memory cards. If your model doesn’t, you will need a card reader. It would help if you usually had an adapter for mini or MicroSD. This often includes in the purchase package with SD cards. Attention: Some SD cards have to write protection in the form of a small lever on the card, which you have to bring into the correct position before formatting.

Formatting in Windows is a little more complicated than in a mobile device. This is how it works: Insert the SD card into the card slot and select “Computer” or “My Computer” in Windows Explorer. Your SD card will now appear under “Removable disk.” Right-click on it, and you will see the option “Format …”. Under “File System,” select the variant “FAT” or “FAT32” and make sure that you do not set the quick format. Formatting the SD card may take a few minutes, depending on the storage capacity.

SD formatter to formatting the SD card

Did your computer not recognize the SD card? Or did the card lose memory while formatting it under Windows? This can happen because memory cards use different cluster sizes than the operating system. With the free special software SD-Formatter, you are on the safe side when formatting SD cards. After installing the program, insert your SD card into the slot or the card reader. Then start the SD formatted with a double click. You will then see the information about your SD card. Under the “Option” button, select the type of formatting you want and click “OK.” For best results, click either on “Full (Erase)” or “Full (OverWrite).” Start the formatting process with a click on the “Format” button, and the data on your SD card will completely delete after a short time.

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