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Difference between prepaid and postpaid


Can you imagine that there are more than 8 billion mobile subscriptions recorded to date? The number of people using mobile phones is increasing—the difference between prepaid and postpaid. Perhaps many of us have multiple mobile phones as well.

All of us are permanent users of mobile services, so most of us know that prepaid and postpaid mobile subscriptions are two types of contracts with a mobile service. Prepaid is also known as pay as you go or prepay. Postpaid is known as post-pay. These are two types of mobile subscriptions.

Well, which package to use is dependent on the user. Many need a Time-limited mobile subscription, but many prefer long-term contracts. A prepaid subscription means that the user pays in advance for the services they use. And a postpaid subscription offers the user to use the services for the whole month, and they are billed after one month.

Differences between prepaid and postpaid

It is vital to understand the differences between prepaid and postpaid to avoid confusion while subscribing. It might be a possibility that after reading this blog, you might end up saving a good amount of money while investing in a portable package.

It’s would be best if you always thought before spending a penny on a subscription package. Never rely on advertisements and commercials blindly. No doubt both cases require the play of money, but there is a slight benefit in one of them. Read this blog to find out the comparison and then avail what suits you. Both options have pros and cons. It’s just the user who has the right to decide. An assumption says that prepaid package tends to be cheaper than postpaid. But postpaid is a good option as it offers an excellent bundle value.

What is a postpaid plan?

A postpaid plan offers the user of a registered phone number to get billed after using the services. In most cases, the user is billed after one month. The user can make as many calls, messages, MMS, or use unlimited data for the whole month.

What is a prepaid plan?

The prepaid plan is different from the postpaid. The prepaid users have to buy the load or electronic credits to fill their recognition and use for what they desire. They receive a PIN or call number to enter the balance in your mobile phone.

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What are the differences between prepaid and postpaid?

Let’s have a look at some general differences between prepaid and postpaid subscriptions.

  • General meaning: A user pays beforehand in a prepaid plan and subsequently delivers in a postpaid package.
  • Cost of plans: A postpaid plan is comparatively expensive than a prepaid plan.
  • Charges: A postpaid plan is charged on a real-time basis, and a prepaid is set in real-time.
  • Credit: The user has limited credit in a prepaid plan and unlimited credit in a postpaid plan.
  • Credit history: A credit history is essential for a postpaid subscription, whereas there is no need for a prepaid plan.
  • Bill: A detailed bill is provided to the customer of the postpaids plan at the end of the month, but a prepaids user does not receive an invoice.
  • Flexibility: Postpaids plans are very flexible, and prepaids plans are inflexible.


Previously, only postpaid sims were available. They know for only those people who had good creditworthiness. But the launch of prepaid sims helped many people to avail the facility of calling and messaging.

There are no statistics available to tell that whether which one is more popular among them. Because every person from different field use subscriptions according to their requirements. However, we can generally tell those postpaids customers who need high usage of resources, and prepaids customers have low use.

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