Difference between acne and pimple

Difference between acne and pimple

All the people love to look amazingly adorable. People having flawless skin are highly blessed and gain an optimum level of confidence. However, any blemish or pimple on the skin can spoil the look of oneself and lead to disastrous impacts. The words pimple and acne are often used interchangeably by people. However, it is significant to know the differences between these. Hence, one can better describe the skin condition to the dermatologist.

Acne VS Pimple

Acne is widespread in pimples. It does not affect the face only but can also occur to different body parts too. Most people have it on the shoulders, back, thigh, or several other body parts. Acne is indeed a disease that prevails while the pimple is papular to be a symptom of it.

Skin Condition 

Acne is a medical condition that characterize by a cluster of pimples. The most common factor that leads to acne is excess oil. When sebum and sebaceous glands work excessively, then it leads to acne. There are pores under the human skin that is responsible for producing oil. Acne is a skin condition that requires medical attention. It is a chronic disease that stays on the skin for longer. It lasts for several months and hence demands the assistance of a dermatologist to prevent the worsening. However, in the case of the pimple, there is an inflamed bump or lesion on the skin which vanishes over time. Most often, it takes a few days to vanish from the skin. Pimple is not any disease but the inflammation of the skin. 

Cause: Difference between acne and pimple

The most common cause for acne enhance stimulation of the androgens hormone. It is the hormonal imbalance that leads to acne. Most often, it occurs in teenagers and can affect both genders. However, the pimple is not necessarily related to hormonal imbalance. Even eating up spicy food or any stomach disorder can cause pimples. The hygiene issue may also aggravate the condition of pimples on the skin. 

Genetics: Difference between acne and pimple

Acne is such a condition that it is papular to be the genetic one. It transfers into offspring through genes, and hence if the father or mother was having had acne, then the kids have the most chances to get acne on their skin. However, the pimple is not linked to genetics. 

Cluster of Pimples

Most often, people get confused about how much pimples lead to acne. Clearly observe your face and determine the estimated number of lesions, inflamed bumps, and whiteheads or blackheads on it. If you have inflamed bumps in the range of fifteen to fifty and lesions are more than 30, they are moderate acne. In moderate acne, there are about thirty to one hundred and twenty-five lesions on the skin. The number of black or whiteheads on the skin ranges from twenty to a hundred. 


It is beneficial to consult a dermatologist in case of acne. He examines the skin properly and recommends the most suitable medication for it. The prescribed medication is often the antifungal capsules and anti-acne gel to apply on the skin. The anti-acne gel is most often the derivative of vitamin A and proves efficient against acne. Pimple does not require any medication. 

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