Difference between PGDM and MBA

Difference between pgdm and mba

PGDM and MBA are two different things and must not be confused with each other. Students should apply to any study program when they know the details about it. It is compulsory to know what MBA is and what PGDM is before taking admission. Both of these differ from each other in several aspects and hence have different scopes. Let us rush to know about the salient features and the most common differences between both of these:


What is PGDM?

Both PGDM and MBA are study programs of high value, and students dream of gaining admission. People going in the business field must know about these degrees to make the final selection per their ease. 

What is an MBA?

MBA is the acronym of Master of Business Administration that is indeed a postgraduate degree. The colleges or universities that the University Grants Commission recognizes offer this degree program. MBA is indeed the master’s degree, while PGDM is the degree that is not the master’s degree but somehow considered equivalent to it. Both of these are valid for seeking the Job. MBA is such a study program that grants the degree to the students. However, PGDM is not a degree program. Indeed, it is the diploma.



The syllabus for MBA is revised quite often as it is designed with extreme care by keeping in mind the needs of students. Hence, MBA students can better cope up in the professional environment and gain jobs with ease. However, there is a frequent revision of the syllabus in PGDM, which is as per the industry.

Course Fee: Difference between PGDM and MBA

The free for the MBA is much more, and the studies are pretty organized and complex. However, in the case of PGDM, the course fee is comparatively less.

Type of Course: Difference between PGDM and MBA

MBA is such a course that can be for two years as full-time or three years as part-time. Hence, the employed people can also consider taking admission in it as they can take classes for it on the weekends or evening as per their ease. This flexibility offer to them in the case of a part-time MBA. However, PGDM is a study program with a duration of 2 years as full-time.

Recognizing Bodies

The MBA recognizing bodies are UGC in India. If anyone has an MBA degree that UGC does not recognize, then it is fake. However, the recognized body for PGDM is AICTE. The institutes registered with AICTE are offering original degrees, and the degree from anywhere else is the fake one. In the case of an MBA, university recognition is the main requirement. However, for the PGDM, the board accreditation requires to reflect the authenticity of the certificate.

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