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How to connect laptop to TV?


What do you think about watching a movie or a series on a big screen? If you want to make up your Saturday night with your family enjoying the movie, family pictures, and videos on a big screen, then this article is for you. The laptop you have can easily be connected to your big screen TV. To do this, follow these steps only. The steps to connect the TV with a laptop are listed below. Follow these and enjoy the big screen.

There are many ways to connect, but we have listed only the simple and easy methods for you. The first one is to communicate through an HDMI cable. For this, both laptop and TV must have a built-in HDMI port. Just turn on both the devices. Once they are switched on, connect the two devices using the HDMI Cable. There you will find an option to select HDMI input. Select the correct HDMI input, and now you are ready to use the big screen via laptop. This HDMI connection gives a high-end resolution and audio. So, always try to connect this way.

How to connect the laptop to the TV?

If your TV and laptop both are of old versions, then there are possibilities that they have VGA ports along with them. So, they can still be connected via this port. You have to have a VGA cable for connecting. But, the cons of this connection is that it only supports video signals. To have an audio connection separate cable would be needed. This VGA gives a low-resolution display which would disturb the fun-loving night. To connect, you will need both devices to be open at first. Connect both devices with the VGA cable and turn on the devices. The inputs will be displayed on the screen. Select the PC or RGB input.

What if your laptop and TV have different ports? This is probably the question that is on your mind at this point. It is not a big issue to deal with. Just get a connector to connect the two VGA and HDMI cables. Connect your laptop with an HDMI cable, and join the TV with a VGA cable. Connect both via a connector and select the input PC or RGB.

Bottom Line

Another option to connect the laptop with TV is the USB-C cable option. If both the devices have this option, they are good to go. If not, then you need to buy an HDMI adapter. This will help you connect your USB-C laptop with the TV via an HDMI adapter, easy and reliable.

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If you are not willing to use a wireless option, opt for a USB device. Fill up your device with the movie, pics, and videos from the laptop and connect it to your TV so you can spend your day on a big screen having popcorns and other snacks. We hope this guide will help you secure your TV and laptop to enjoy the big screen.

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