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Fantasy Sports – Here’s How Fans Are Connecting Socially Through Fantasy Games


Fantasy Sports is an enticing source of entertainment for sports fans to connect, share and make the most of their sports brain in competing. People often confuse fantasy sports with gambling which is not true, and moreover, there are others who argue that it is nothing but a waste of time and money. Well, the arguments can be made for either but to reach a conclusion on whether fantasy sports add value to the actual game in connecting the fans or the latter. First, let us understand the concept of fantasy sports and then maybe we might get a better view of what’s at stake here. 

Understand this, fantasy sports is online gaming is a forum or a space where sports fans from all walks of life can participate in making their best team and hence compete with like-minded individuals for a lucrative offering of real cash prizes. The game offers players to participate in the game of the player’s choice, thus adding an entry fee the players then join the contest. Points are key to a player’s ranking which are based on the results of the real match. Moreover, this is completely legal to play in India, so the doubts surrounding the legality get debunked here. 

Now lets us dwell on the social networking part next. So imagine a player from Delhi is able to connect and compete with the one in Pune or Indore. All they need to have is a fantasy gaming app along with a stable internet connection. The game offered is the same and there is a level playing field for all. What makes this a good social platform is the fact that players can directly share their opinions and ideas about player’s selection and their thought process through the selection of the team. 

And what better way to settle a cricket or a sports debate about the actual player’s selection than by building your own team and winning real money for the same? Moreover, owing to the tremendous rise of fantasy gaming, you will often find big-name athletes promoting a fantasy gaming platform, and through this, the gap between the fans and their heroes has reduced considerably. Some of the apps even allow the players to play the game along with the athletes so you see the connection here is considerably improving, thus bringing the fans closer to the game than ever before. 

The argument that fantasy sports are a waste of time somewhat is not justified in a sense when the actual motive here is to bring the fans together in one space, talking about the same stuff they are passionate about and moreover, bringing a competitive edge to it so that everyone does remain on their toes. Given the platform and the keys to unlocking the potential of online gaming through fantasy sports has to be seen in a positive light. And if you are wondering if these games are here to stay or just a blowing wind of the trend, let us go through some pointers that will make you think otherwise. 

The rising popularity of online games 

Online games are on the rise and it’s no surprise, for the time being, fantasy games take up a major chunk of online gamers. It’s just quick snappy and easy to use. The thrill and entertainment that online games provide are next to none, and this has all become possible due to the internet and connectivity which is our next pointer, so let’s get into that. 

Internet & Connectivity 

The Internet has been a major catalyst in growing the online gaming industry. Not just the internet but its penetration has served very well for the widespread impact of fantasy gaming. Not just the internet but cheap internet, the JIO-led 4g Lte data revolution has transformed the way people connected with the internet. The widespread connectivity has managed to reach the remotest part of the country which is why fantasy gaming is made available to all. 

Affordable Smartphones 

Not only the internet but the mode of gaming that is the mobile phone has now are must-have for everyone. A single smartphone serves multiple functions of our daily life and gaming is one of the biggest. Of course, there are the likes of iPhones, Samsung’s, and Pixels that are high-end and leave a huge dent in the pocket but the affordable segment has always been fruitful in India and the options are increasing day by day. So as long as the smartphone market caters to the needs of consumer’s online fantasy gaming is only going to prosper. 

Conclusion – Fantasy sports are more than just games, be it fun, entertainment, thrill, or passion fantasy games serve all of these purposes. Moreover, in an era where side hustles have become important it’s better to put your sports knowledge to the test and gain some enlightening insights about sports you so dearly follow. There’s always something new to learn and you’d be surprised what might come your way. So join your favourite fantasy sports game today!


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