How to make Wax Melts?

How to make Wax Melts?

What Are Wax Melts And Its Uses?

Wax melts are used to fill the room with aroma in just a few minutes. Wax melts are a source of fragrance that works when these are heated. It is formed in many sizes and shoes. Just like candles, wax melts are made up of essential oils, fragrance oil, and wax.

If you ever feel that sweet smell of vanilla, rose, and sandalwood makes you feel fresh and active, so you are not alone, everyone loves these smells to keep fresh and relaxed. In a laboratory, they perform a survey by smelling the wax melts vanilla fragrance for stress relief. After inhaling this sweet fragrance, they noticed lowered blood pressure, heartbeat, muscle tension, skin resistance, and mental relaxation. So, it proves that inhaling the wax melts can release your stress. The lavender wax melts are also used in headaches and anxiety.

How To Make wax Melts?

Yes, making wax is significantly more accessible, and we can make wax melts at home by using natural ingredients. The whole process will take 20 minutes and few hours to solidify the wax. 


Coconut oil


Essential oil

Crayon color (depend on how dark color you wants)

Double boiler or a saucepan or heatproof glass bowl

Large spatula or spoon to stir

Silicon ice cube tray or mold


Fill the half saucepan with water. Turn on the flame and make the water boil.

Add coconut oil, beeswax, and crayon color to the glass boil and place this boil in the saucepan as a double boiler. 

Stir while heating. When all the ingredients are well melted and mixed, turn off the flame. 

Now add essential oil and mix well. 

Pour the melted mixture into the mold and keep it in an excellent place to solidify them. It will thicken perfectly after a couple of hours, then pop it out from the mold and enjoy your melt wax. 

How To Store

After collecting your melt wax from the mold, please place them in an airtight jar or sealable plastic bag and put it in a cool, dry place for up to 1 year. 

Use one or two cubes according to your need and save the leftover. The airtight jar or bag keeps the scent safe in the wax.

Tips To Make Perfect Wax Melts

  • You are using natural home ingredients to make it. So you can mix different essential oils to create a new fragrance. You can mix tea tree oils, lavender oil, rose oil, and others according to your mind. You may also take orange oil, lime oil, and whatever you want, refreshing oils. Mix the oils to make a new refreshing fragrance. 
  • Use the quantity of oil according to your taste. Many people ask how much additional oil is, so I suggest you add oil according to your mind. If you like a soft smell, then add less oil and if you want a more sharp scent, then add more oil. After the trial of two to three times, you get your favorite fragrance.
  • If you give a gift to someone of these wax melts, you can use fancy molds to get a different shape. It may look more attractive. I like to use cartoon character molds to make other cartoons of wax. 

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How To Use Wax Melts

Wax melts are very easy to use. You take one or more wax melts and place them on your warmer or melter. Light your tea light or on the melter if it is electric and wait for a few seconds. The aroma will start spreading in your room, and your mind starts relaxing when you have done. Turn off the button or heat source, and let the wax again solidify for next time use.

When the wax is melted again, it may be lost its aroma because all scents spread out in the room, and the long-lasting fragrance depends upon the type of beeswax and quantity of essential oils.

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