How to make cold brew coffee?

How to make cold brew coffee?

The coffee lovers in the summer are divided into two factions: in front of the bar, some do not give up a cup of espresso, regardless of temperature and muggy level. And then there are those who, from June onwards, focus on cold coffee, declined in different variations all strictly served at icy temperatures: because the Italian breakfast, espresso and cup at the bar are OK, but when the African anticyclone arrives somehow we will have to fight it! In this article, we read about How to make cold brew coffee?

But be careful, when we talk about cold coffee, a world opens up before us: we are in a territory that borders on dessert and snack from breakfast because the recipes are many and very different from each other.

From classic cold coffee to iced coffee, the blended coffee drink from the coffee cream bar to the iced coffee, served strictly with cream and brioche with Tuppo, let’s see how to prepare the cold coffee-based on time of day and to our tastes.

How to make iced coffee at home

How do you make iced coffee at home, since we can’t always go to the bar?

It depends: there is no single answer to this question because there is no single way to prepare it. So let’s see all the iced coffee recipes that can help us. 

Cold coffee: recipes

When we talk about cold coffee, we generally mean shaken coffee, served in a martini glass with a layer of superior foam: intense, energizing, fresh. It is a perfect drink to fuel up in the morning.

Coffee on ice to make cold brew coffee

In Puglia, it is an institution. The rest of Italy, it now starting to know and in demand: coffee on ice a double espresso served hot in a cup with three ice cubes and sugar to taste. In Salento, coffee in Lecce style is drunk by adding almond milk instead of sugar; it should be drunk immediately.

Coffee cream (like that of the bar)

The coffee cream of the bar is a classic of the Italian summer: fresh and sweet. It is the perfect dessert with which to end the meal.

To prepare three cups at home, you need:

  • 2 cups of mocha coffee (already cold)
  • One teaspoon of sugar (preferably powdered sugar)
  • 100 ml of fresh liquid cream

The recipe is straightforward: prepare the coffee with the mocha and let it cool in the refrigerator. Add it to the cream and sugar and whip everything with an electric whisk until you get a soft and swollen foam.

Vietnamese coffee to make cold brew coffee

Having a Vietnamese coffee maker at home, you can prepare Vietnamese coffee, the most popular drink in and around Hanoi and lately also in vogue in Italy.

The preparation of the Vietnamese coffee is not complex, provided you have the right tool (the coffee pot Vietnam is also on sale online at meagre costs): pour 40 ml of condensed milk in a cup, put the coffee (coarse grind) in a filter, then pour the boiling water, cover and wait 10 minutes for the coffee to drip into the cup.

Nescafè Greek milkshake to make cold brew coffee

Anyone who has been on holiday in Greece knows that in addition to tzatziki and moussaka, in every place, you can order a Nescafé Milkshake, the Greek national drink.

Fresh, thirst-quenching, perfect for drinking on the beach, you can have it with or without milk and sugar, depending on your taste.

To prepare the Nescafè Frappé, you need:

  • two teaspoons of instant coffee
  • two teaspoons of sugar
  • water
  • ice cubes
  • milk (optional)

You can use both the blender and the shaker or a container with a lid: pour in sugar and coffee, add two tablespoons of cold water and start mixing vigorously to create the foam.

Now pour it into a tall-sided glass, add more water and mix, then add the ice and milk and enjoy.

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