How to get rid of fruit flies in the house?

How to get rid of fruit flies in the house

Half the battle against countless fruit flies: First of all, remove all food or objects that the small flies have infected. Then the tiny flies have been infected thoroughly once. Particularly in joints and cracks, get rid of fruit flies in the house food scraps or dried-on liquids can accumulate, which one likes to overlook. So you should pay special attention to them.

You can also get some of the fruit flies out of the apartment with proper ventilation. Our seven home remedies for fruit flies may help you to get rid of them completely.

1. Sweet temptation: attract fruit flies with canned fruit

You can attract the annoying flies with canned fruit. Just leave a sip of fruit juice and some fruit in the can and cover it with a perforated cling film. The fruit flies attract by the sweet smell and crawl through the holes in the can. The foil prevents minor annoyances from flying out again later.

A little tip: Many types of fruit such as pears, grapes, or dried fruit have a relatively high proportion of fructose. The riper they get, the more sugar they contain and the greater the risk that fruit flies will soon pounce on them. For example, you can cover it with a fly hood * (advertisement). Ripe fruit should be better sealed right away or in the refrigerator.

2. With waste against fruit flies: banana peels

Putrid vegetable and fruit bowls are the perfect nutrient substrate for female fruit flies to lay eggs in. This can be up to 400 eggs within 24 hours, from which the first fruit flies hatch after four to five days.

You can also use this problem to your advantage: Pack the rotten shells in a freezer or plastic bag and wait until the first flies have found their target. Then quickly seal the bag. So the fruit flies can no longer fly out, and their offspring can no longer colonize your kitchen.

A particularly animal-friendly alternative: Place a piece of fruit, for example, a banana, in a live fruit fly trap * (advertisement). The sweet smell attracts the fruit flies, and they fly into the trap. Then you can release the fruit flies outdoors, rinse the trap underwater and use it again.

3. The classic: a mixture of vinegar and washing-up liquid as a fruit fly trap

A well-tried remedy for fruit flies: the small bowl or shot glass with standard vinegar, mixed with a sip of water or optionally sweet apple juice or apple cider vinegar. For the flytrap to be effective, you should add a splash of detergent. It ensures that the surface tension of the water destroys. According to NABU, the fruit flies cannot hold on to it and drown.

Alternatively, you can find numerous offers for vinegar fruit fly traps * on the internet (advertisement). These usually have an adhesive surface to which the fruit flies stick as soon as they fly into the trap.

4. Popular home remedy for fruit flies: sugared yeast

Fruit flies are small sweet-mouths who, in addition to ripe fruit, rotten vegetable peel and cakes, also fly on drinks containing sugar and yeast. With a cocktail made from fresh yeast, 100 millilitres of water, a splash of dish soap and a teaspoon of sugar, you can lure them into the trap.

Fill the milky liquid into a bottle with a long, thin neck. It is best to use a funnel for this. In this way, you avoid the bottleneck being wetted wi,th the sweethe bottleneck being the flies back to the exit.

Good now: No fresh yeast in the house. Will baking powder undoubtedly work too? Wrong thought: The leavening agent works as a remedy against ants, even if we would like to advise you against this animal-torturing method. Unlike yeast, however, baking powder does smell and is therefore unattractive for fruit flies. Dry yeast, on the other hand, works just as well.

Instead of yeast, you can also try it with a sip of beer, red wine, or another yeast-based drink, such as fermented kombucha. Add a splash of detergent, and the fruit fly trap is ready.

5. Denture cleaner becomes a fruit fly trap

Similar to a vinegar-washing-up liquid mixture, denture cleaning tablets * (advertisement) are also supposed to work wonders as a remedy for fruit flies. The smell is said to have a similarly pleasing effect on fruit flies as the sour vinegar smell. For the unusual fruit fly trap, you need a glass with water to dissolve two cleaning tablets. If you place the trap right next to your fruit bowl, the fruit flies will be deflected immediately.

6. Get rid of fruit flies in the house with lemons and cloves

Perhaps this is the miracle weapon because the combination of lemons peppered with cloves should not only work against fruit flies. The natural home remedy is also touted as a promising method in the fight against mosquitoes and wasps.

Unlike most other remedies against fruit flies, the intense clove and lemon aromas ensure that the pests don’t even come near your fruit basket. Place the lemon half in your fruit basket between the other fruits and protect it from a fly attack.

Seven tips  Get rid of fruit flies in the house

You can actively do something to prevent a fruit fly plague from spreading and multiplying in your apartment, especially the kitchen. Seven tips on how to keep fruit flies away:

  1. Stores fruit, especially those types that produce a ripening gas, in the refrigerator during the hot summer months. These include, for example, pears and apples.
  2. Screwed return bottles and old glass with a lid. Suppose they are no longer available. Rinse beer and wine bottles properly with water. For example, and remove all sticky residues.
  3. Wash used dishes immediately or put them in the dishwasher immediately.
  4. Put a lid on a juice, beer or wine glass in summer.
  5. Does the fruit no longer fit in the refrigerator? Or shouldn’t they store there like bananas or tomatoes? You can protect it from fruit flies with a cover.
  6. Get rid of leftover food immediately and take out the rubbish every day.
  7. Thoroughly cleans all work surfaces after cooking and baking, for example, with an organic cleaner with vinegar. Here you will find instructions on how to make such an organic cleaner.

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