How to be a good person?

How to be a good person

It has always been hard for an individual to accept the flaws within. This is why becoming a better person seems difficult for people to follow and walk on. When we accept our evils and flaws and try to rectify them, life becomes easy. Although it is not as easy as it sounds to you, it is never late to give it a shot.

People confuse “being better” with taking care of people around them. I guess we have to look at the other side of the coin and start taking care of ourselves so that the journey may not lengthen. Let us have a look at the things that we can do to become an ideal person and better for others as well:

Stop beating about the bush:

You lose your credibility when you start to talk about irrelevant things and do not accept things the way they are. There is no need to make any excuse if you are not feeling well enough to do work, and even there is no need to blame someone else for your mistakes. We all are human and are bound to make mistakes. Accept them with courage and dignity because they will be a lesson for you in future.

Anger is your enemy:

People say when in anger, stay quiet. It seems easy to listen to and read but trust me. It isn’t easy to act upon. It is very difficult to calm down even after hearing bad words about yourself on your face. Your life will become easy when of harsh feelings and anger, your Lil not even care for what anyone is saying because people make you angry to get a reaction from you.

Honesty is everything:

We all are diplomatic, or if not, the world has moulded us. We lie to turn the situation in our favour which I believe is very bad. Being honest in every situation will lead you to success in the long run. It will create a good impression of your personality and dignity in front of others.

Never hold grudges:

Again a difficult one because a part of your mind never lets you forget the ill people have done with you or do daily. Try to forgive them and leave the grudges aside. You will feel a burden lifted from your chest and feel very relaxed.

Do not pretend to be the best:

Everyone has their specific values and beliefs. You can not leave practising them just to please the other people. So try to be yourself and do not copy others. Because if you do so, you will lose your originality.

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