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How much is a stamp?


A stamp is a small paper that is pasted on the mail sent to the post office for delivery by post. Postage stamps were created to solve the problem of how to pay for letter delivery. The stamps were first used in the famous vintage Victorian times in which they were well promoted and used by people. This gave rise to the trend of sending and receiving letters by mail. Even the government also started to use letters to exchange official papers, which was very difficult in the old times to notify people.

In the old times, stamps were given to the general public without any marking available for cutting or tearing. If anyone wanted to cut or tear the stamps, he or she would take scissors to cut the desired number of stamps. Those stamps, torn individually, were very fragile, and it wasn’t easy to make sure that they remained in good condition. Then a tool called the “Rouletting Wheels” was introduced to the post offices, and then it became quite easy for them to tear the stamp easily. It is to be noted that this process was less time-consuming than the usual tearing and cutting process.

Stamp collecting

Stamp collecting is an important part of the study of stamps. Such a person who likes to collect stamps is called a philatelist. In normal terms, a philatelist can be said to be a person who is usually doing the job of a stamp collector in a state. They collect either big or small stamps or in bulk or a single stamp. It does not matter to them until or unless the stamp in their collection is unique. This is an art to have knowledge and information about all of the stamps present in the world.

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What is the cost?

The standard cost of the stamp is 0.25 dollars which have been kept the same for years. With time, this price is likely to increase in case of the increment of taxes on them.

Stamp collecting is a great hobby because it helps you learn about ferent countries and the stamps that are being t also helps to increase the historical knowledge of an individual thereby increasing the IQ. Hundreds of famous stamps are being used across the world few of them are:

  • Penny black
  • Inverted Jenny
  • Basel dove
  • Scinde Dawk
  • Hawaiian Missionaries

And many more stamps are being used across the world.

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